Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Notecentric - A Place For Your Class Notes

Notecentric - A Place For Your Class Notes

Yet another site for smart students. As they put it:

“Notecentric was created by Hung Truong, a student of Computer Science at the University of New Mexico. Notecentric was born of necessity. Hung found that it was really hard to:

1. Synchronize his notes from his laptop to his desktop computer

2. Share his existing notes with his classmates without resorting to email

Notecentric is a social class note sharing website. The main focus of Notecentric is to allow university students to have their notes wherever they go and be able to easily share their notes with classmates.

Once notes are entered in Notecentric, users will have access to them wherever web access is available. In addition, classmates who have Notecentric accounts will automatically have access to those notes (unless the notes are tagged as "private"). “

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